Our Story

4D PRO® ReAction Trainer is the brainchild of physician, exercise physiologist, and Olympic fitness coach, Dr. Homayun Gharavi (MD, PHD). Sought after by top athletes, Dr. Gharavi has become one of the most recognized physicians and conditioning coaches, having worked as an athletic trainer for professional and collegiate sports teams including the NFL’s Oakland Raiders, NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, University of North Carolina, and UC Davis.

Though originally created to rehabilitate top-level athletes, today 4D PRO® is used by fitness enthusiasts in gym chains and training facilities around the globe.

Our Product

What is 4D PRO®?

Traditional suspension trainers are rigid and work only in two dimensions making movement linear – forward, back, or left, right.  With 4D PRO®, you perform exercises in the third dimensional plane, making it possible to move 360 degrees.  The “X” Factor or user’s experience is the 4th dimension, hence the name 4D PRO®.

How it Works and Why

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build strength, rehabilitate an injury, be active or just have fun – 4D PRO® can get you there.


4D PRO® allows the entire body weight to be supported and accelerated during exercise with free or resisted movements making it possible for you to perform more repetitions at a higher speed without tiring out.  Why struggle to complete 20 push-ups when you can do 50 at ease with 4D PRO® while receiving all of the health benefits?


Created to mimic the human muscle, our elastic bungee cords (lambdas) are designed to lengthen your deceleration and charge your acceleration, thus creating a spring-like bounce, preparing the body for optimized counter movements while minimizing impact on joints and reducing injury risk.


The spring-like bounce teaches you how to distribute force, move efficiently, refine your reaction when contacting the ground and smooth out transitions between movements, enhancing body awareness, coordination, control of movement and speed.


Most importantly, Bungee Fitness is FUN.  Discover where your edge meets play!

Our Philosophy

4D PRO® philosophy centers around freedom of movement for everyone in all phases of recovery and life regardless of age, weight, gender, or health status.  Individuals can overcome setbacks more quickly and regain control over their lives.  Overweight individuals with highly sedentary lifestyles or athletes one day after surgery can start moving again.  Anyone can begin to experience the feeling of fast and controlled movement and better equip themselves to maintain control and composure regardless of what life throws at them.


We strive for control of movement not stability.  Nothing in life is completely stable – a well-built bridge moves, an old tree sways – yet most modalities and training systems focus on stability.


To us, life is motion and motion is life.   Our training concepts contain zero holds.  We do not believe in holding the same position.  Rather our goal is to gain control of movement.  When looking to get or stay fit while reducing injury risk, we believe focus on transitions between different positions is the most efficient method.


Move with gravity.  Work smarter, not harder.