Bring the bungee fitness to your facilty!

Add a new class to the mix that people cannot get enough of.

Old or young, strong or week with 4D PRO® bungee fitness you will add a class that people love all across the USA.

All you need is a classrom with ceiling mounts strong enough to hold your clients dynamic weight and we will provide the rest.

First and formeost the hadware, the 4D PRO® but that is just the start.

We will be happy to help you educate your instructors and provide programing. If you would like us to create something custome for your gym we will be happy to do that as well. We work with some of the world’s leading programmers and know what people love and come back to.

 Benefits of bungee training

  • Flying through the air like superman or jumping like a frog a re just some of the exercises people experience with the 4D PRO®. Pretending to be a superhero or swinging through the air brings a playfulness and FUN to working out that creates a magical smile on people faces. A smile that makes time fly bye and result come easy.
  • The lambdas let you lengthen your deceleration phase on the one hand and they let you charge the acceleration phase making the workoput doable for almost everbody and easy on the joints.
  • Helping the body to be strong, quick and smart enough to reduce the risk of injuries during sports or in our every day life is one of the main challenges we are facing every day. One of the key factors in the equation is timing. The 4D PRO® provides immediate feedback on exercise timing. If rhythym and coordination are off the bouncing will be less smooth and make people correct their timing intuitively.
  • In our experience eccentricity is a part of movement efficiency that does not recieve enough attention. When developing the 4D PRO® Dr. Gharavi was determined to make sure he would come up with a solution that allows people to incorportate eccentricity into their workouts. The key is controlled deceleration to give the body time to learn how to properly prepare for optimized counter movements.
  • Speed is a movement skill, that is not reserved for athlets only. With the 4D PRO® everbody can experience how fast movements feel, despite fatigue. Athletes will get better at their discipline while normal people will be prepared for unexpected everyday situatiions in which speed can make the difference between a severe injury or a minor sprain.