Therapy through exercise: The 4D PRO® Bungee Trainer

The 4D PRO® was originally invented to help rehab a professional Athlete by the name of Anastasia Zueva. Anastasia was injured but the help of the 4D PRO® she went from status “immobilized, no weight on injury” to winning the title of world champion and setting a new world record.

Her physician Dr. Dr. Homayun Gharavi developed the 4D PRO® Bungee Trainer with the objective of providing targeted, perfect therapy. Gr. Gharavi’s goal was to come up with a device that would meet Doctor’s expectations such as immobilization and load restrictions but at the same time allow the patient to facilitate the development of performance. A pilosophy based on movement, not on restricting movement.

Developed with an eye to medical considerations

An intelligent therapeutic tool offers solutions for patients of different health and fitness levels. It allows the therapist to reduce and increase loads depending on individual needs.

The 4D PRO® Bungee Trainer meets the highest demands of patients when it comes to therapeutic work in many areas. Wide neoprene loops distribute the pressure across a large area, which makes exercising more comfortable and provides complete relief to the highly sensitive joints of the hands and feet as well as the ankles. The optional integration of the handles is another option for therpists to reduce stress on patients wrists. Safety sleeves as well as periodic quality and stress tests guarantee maximum safety. Obviously, in order to ensure stellar hygiene, all modules of the tool can be wiped clean and desinfected.

Modular technology ensures greater versatility

The 4D PRO® Bungee Trainer provides therapists with the freedom to meet patients individual needs. The generous supply of accessories included with the 4D PRO® Bungee Trainer makes it possible to convert it into a variety of tools. To Dr. Gharavi it was important to create a rehab tool that was not just versatile, but he wanted to create a tool that would give therapist freedom to implement their own ideas.

Meet all doctor’s instructions using a single device

Let’s face it: Often times physical therapy sessions are carried out in compliance with the patient’s doctor’s instructions for liability reasons. Even if the thrapist might have a different idea of what the ideal protocol for a certain individual should look like. . But there’s good news. Doctor’s orders such as “BW and strengthening of the joint controlling muscles under partial application of weight” or “improve mobility up to a maximum of 0/0/20°” give good therapists lots of leeway to make full use of their intelligence and intuition in progressive therapy. The development goals are countered by the restrictive orders for mobilization and weight bearing, which doesn’t just sound schizophrenic, but is ultimately also harmful to the patient. Hence, the 4D PRO® Bungee Trainer provides committed therapists with a tool that eliminates this conflict by respecting the restrictions imposed by the physicians and accommodating the demands of the injured body at the same time.

Advanced certification courses for physical therapists

Interested therapists who participate in our 4D PRO® REHAB MASTER Course will learn all techniques and strategies required for progressive rehabilitation, which melds training with therapy.

Please check out our online information here on dates and locations; we will also be pleased to accept your registration for the seminar on the same website.

The 4D PRO® keeps immobilized patients moving

The 4D PRO® sling trainer delivers tailored training protocols for every possible variation resulting from the following restrictions:

  • Relief
  • Immobilization
  • Partial weight application permitted
  • Mobilization
  • Full weight application permitted

The above result in the following six potential combinations:

  1. No weight application + immobilization
  2. No weight application + mobilization
  3. Partial weight application + immobilization
  4. Partial weight application + mobilization
  5. Full weight application + immobilization
  6. Full weight application + mobilization