The 4D PRO® ReAction Trainer is unlike any other piece of fitness equipment and offers the competitive edge needed to truly set your facility apart.

The 4D PRO® Bungee Fitness program delivers the mental drive, excitement, and freshness that will keep your clients enthusiastic, engaged, smiling and returning to your facility week after week.

Designed for all fitness levels and abilities, beginners or recovering clients can get moving right away while conditioned athletes can continue to enhance their performance. Unlike traditional suspension systems, 4D PRO® workouts emphasize movement, dynamic training, and fun, bringing novelty and excitement to your program offerings.

Using the 4D PRO® ReAction Trainer in your facility is easy, whether in your studio, in a group setting, or one-one on the gym floor. We offer a variety of equipment packages to meet your needs and to fit your budget including our 4D PRO® Starter Pack. We not only provide the equipment but also the education, training, and programming to ensure that all professionals and instructors in your facility are highly versed and fully prepared to deliver an exceptional experience to each client and member.

Our 4D PRO® Starter Pack includes

  • Private 4D PRO® Bungee Fitness Instructor Training for up to 10 of your instructors
  • 15% discount on 4D PRO® Bungee Fitness Equipment


If you are a gym owner, personal trainer, physical therapist, instructor, or individual interested in bringing 4D PRO® to your facility, we will help you customize your setup.

Contact us for a free consultation.

To get started, you’ll need

  1. Ceiling mount(s) or exposed beams strong enough to hold dynamic weight of all people working out combined. Recommended ceiling height is 8-12 feet (for ceiling height greater than 12 ft., extension straps can be used to lower the anchor point of the 4D PRO® to the required 12 ft.).
  2. The 4D PRO® ReAction Trainer Equipment
  3. A 4D PRO® Trained Instructor: Find an upcoming training near you or if your facility meets the above ceiling requirements and you’re interested in hosting a training, we’ll come to you!