Group Fitness

4D PRO® Bungee Fitness is not your average workout or another fitness trend. Completely unique, 4D PRO® focuses on constant motion, not stability and holds. Adhering to our philosophy of a dynamic workout for a dynamic and moving life, we believe that no object or human should remain still. We surpass the traditional belief that one must push to failure to achieve results. Rather than defying gravity, we work with it.

You receive all the benefits of a cardio and conditioning class – increased core strength, toned muscles, and high calorie burn plus enhanced speed, body awareness, fascia health, fluidity, grace, coordination, and practical reactive skills. With advanced technology that is comfortable, effective, and easy on the joints and custom class design including modifications, 4D PRO® accommodates all fitness levels and provides maximum results in less time. Our training allows you and your students to work smarter, not harder and to have a blast while flying, bouncing, sweating, and playing!

Personal Training

Our 4D PRO® ReAction Trainer optimizes health, maximizes body function, reduces injury risk, and allows clients to achieve maximum results in less time. Create custom workouts for all fitness levels – challenge professional athletes and weekend warriors with power, speed, and endurance training or welcome fitness newbies and those with special needs to a completely unique workout.

Fun, playful, and catchy, people see a 4D PRO® workout and immediately want to try. 4D PRO® is easily used in a studio setting, on the gym floor, outdoors or in your home.

Physical Therapy

Originally invented for professional athlete rehabilitation and targeted therapy, 4D PRO® ReAction Trainer is an intelligent therapeutic tool offering solutions for varying health and fitness levels – even allowing immobilized patients to keep moving.

Product design and safety meet the high demands of both licensed professionals and clients. Modular technology and accessories provide versatility so therapists are free to control loads and customize sessions. Wide neoprene loops distribute pressure across a large area so exercises are comfortable and relieving to sensitive joints in the hands, feet, and ankles. Optional handles permit further stress reduction in the wrists. Safety sleeves and periodic quality/stress tests guarantee maximum safety.


 Become a PRO in all things 4D PRO.  With our one-day, 8-hour instructor training, you’ll learn:

  • The history and science behind the development of the 4D PRO® ReAction Trainer
  • How to install, use, and adjust the equipment
  • Dozens of basic techniques including regressions and progressions
  • How to gage and correct quality of movement in your students
  • How to design and teach a multi-level group fitness class 

Plus, you receive:

  • Comprehensive Instructor Training Guide
  • FREE access to our online network, 4D PRO+, where you’ll find more teaching tools including an exercise and technique library with new content releases each month, video tutorials, marketing materials, and more. 
  • Exclusive discounts on 4D PRO® equipment and accessories
  • Continuing education credits
  • 4D PRO® t-shirt